Audio Magazine

Image of the Kings audio USB player that Sudbury Newstalk supplies to it users
Typical USB player

USB Memory Stick player

We provide our users with a free USB player and send them a USB stick with a recording on it of the latest version of the Newspaper fortnightly and the Magazine bi-monthly. We also make the Magazine recordings available via this page.

Latest version of the Newstalk Magazine

On the right you will find an audio player set ready to play this month’s Newstalk Magazine.

Click “Play” (the arrow symbol) on the left-hand side to start.

The button will change to the “Pause” symbol (two parallel vertical lines) and re-clicking will pause the playback retaining the elapsed time so you can resume at the same spot after your break.

To the right of the Play/Pause button is the progress indicator, which shows how many minutes and seconds of playing time have elapsed out of the total playing time (e.g. 2:37/44:00).

Also to the right of the Play/Pause button is the play progress bar – you can click on it and move the circular “knob” to the left or right to rewind or fast forward.

Depending on your browser, there may be a loudspeaker icon to the right. Hover over it and a slider appears that you can use to increase or decrease the volume. You can click on it to mute the sound and click on it again to unmute.

Latest version: Magazine 235

62 minutes, May 2024

Previous versions of the Magazine are also available

Magazine 234

51 minutes, March 2024

Magazine 233

50 minutes, January 2024

Magazine 232

61 minutes, November 2023

Magazine 231

42 minutes, September 2023

Magazine 230

49 minutes, July 2023

Magazine 229

71 minutes, May 2023

Magazine 228

66 minutes, March 2023

Magazine 227

85 minutes, January 2023

Magazine 226

82 minutes, November 2022

Magazine 225

51 minutes, September 2022

Magazine 224

76 minutes, July 2022

Magazine 223

69 minutes, May 2022

Magazine 222

51 minutes, March 2022

Magazine 221

63 minutes, January 2022

Magazine 220

53 minutes, November 2021

Magazine 219

47 minutes, September 2021

Magazine 218

53 minutes, July 2021

Magazine 217

57 minutes, May 2021

Magazine 216

56 minutes, April 2021

Magazine 214

55 minutes, October 2020

Magazine 210

65 minutes, March 2020

Magazine 209

55 minutes, January 2020

Magazine 208

44 minutes, December 2019

Magazine 207

62 minutes, November 2019